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Drones for Asset Inspection?

Inspection of portable and Immovable resources is a critical aspect in practically every industry. Aging resources need continuous and complex inspections in order to comply with working rules and guidelines of associations and need to depend on costly and conceivably high-risk strategies for using scaffolding, cherry pickers or rope access for detailed inspection. which is costly and risky as well enormously tedious.

Organizations need to deploy digital measurement and automation systems to reduce maintenance costs and improve the safety of field personnel.

Why Smart Drones for Asset Inspection?


Asset Management

Drones can do an inspection and maintain assets that are distributed over a large geographical area in exponentially less time when compared with traditional inspection techniques.



Drones can be fitted with a suite of payloads like high-resolution cameras, Thermal cameras, LIDAR, etc. Generated Outputs like Orthomosaic maps, 3D models, HD Images, and so on.



Drone footage provides an in-depth analysis of the area of interest which assists in locating defects and faults. In situations where preventive support is required, specialists can plan the workforce and different assets proactively.


Asset Inspection

Drones can access difficult-to-reach areas easily and also provide safety with depth inspections. Drone data can be saved as a record for future audits and inspection.

Data Process Workflow


Inspection Flight  Planning

Data Processing.PNG







Output Served

Aerial Images

  • High-resolution drone Images of inaccessible areas of critical assets are captured using drones.

  • The RGB + Thermal data helps to analyze asset health in operational and under load conditions. 

Aerial Videos

  • Drone videos help to get a quick overview of assets and to monitor the industrial area.

  • Drone videos may also be a vital support during major plant breakdown, as they can support to track and organize the whole operation in order to prevent bottlenecks, boost bottlenecks, etc.


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