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Buy drone in Oman 

Buy drone in Oman for  Drone mapping

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Survey. Scanning. Mapping. Inspection

Smart Drones Solutions provides end-to-end aerial solutions for survey, inspection, surveillance data collection and deliver with the right hardware, software, pilots and flying permission in Oman

  Smart Drones Expertise in Industry

Drone inspection oil and gas Flare stack

Oil & Gas Industry

Drones are used for Inspections, Maintenance of assets on-site, like, well sites, pipelines inspection, stockpiling tanks, gas leak detections and offshore platforms inspection. Oman telecom tower inspection image 2.JPG

Drone film gives top to bottom details of the area of interest. which helps with finding imperfections and defects. Experts can plan the workforce and assets deployment proactively.

Power line inspection using drones

Drone Improves workforce security, speed and productivity of routine exercises and inspection by eliminating manned aerial surveys, rope access or walking for inspections. Oman Mining site image.JPG

Mining Industry

Drones can aid in watershed management, blast planning, haul-route surface optimization, Security of Premises, Traffic Management and emergency response.

Solar panel inspections using drones

Drones thermal cameras capture a thermal signature with hot spots of a defective solar panel and assists with distinguishing anomalies helps in proactively address to the team.


Few of the Oman great companies we have worked with.

Kunooz Oman Holding
Mineral Department of Oman
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Contact us 

We are here to answer any question you may have about the drone services we provide. Reach out to us and we'll respond as soon as we can.

Tel. +968 9769 0760,

Way - 5354,

Villa -5223,

Alkhoud 6, Muscat, Oman

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